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Best Places To Grab A Killer Burrito in Ocean County New Jersey

I will never say no to a burrito. Steak, ground beef, chicken, pork, and even breakfast burritos are a real treat for me. The large tortilla is a blank canvas, and the person in the kitchen or behind the counter making my burrito is the artist. Chain restaurants like Chipotle, have you, the customer, directing the art of making your burrito, dictating to the artist exactly which items will go into your handheld meal. Rice, beans, cheese, cilantro…etc. It’s all about the teamwork. I’ve been to Chipotle a couple of times and it wasn’t bad. However, I do prefer the little mom & pop Mexican places when it comes to authentic Mexican food. I find these little family owned Mexican restaurants charming and very welcoming, and the food is almost always on point depending where you go. Abuela, mama, and other family members are the powerful forces in the kitchen creating incredible dishes from recipes that go back several generations. Old school recipes are the heart & soul of any culture’s food. You can get a burrito in just about every town, city, and state here in America. The word “Burrito” means Little Donkey in Spanish. The history of the burrito has many tales told by many people. The story that seems to come up most, is about a man named, Juan Mendez. According to: La Vista Restaurant’s website, Juan Mendez used to sell tacos at a street stand in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez during the Mexican Revolution i.e., 1910–1921, while using a donkey as a transport for himself and his food. To keep the food warm, he used to wrap it in a large homemade flour tortillas underneath a tiny tablecloth. As the food grew in popularity, burrito, the name was eventually adopted as the name for large tacos. Burritos have been adopted by many cultures and have morphed into many forms, but the Mexican burrito will always be king in my world. Let’s travel through Ocean County To find places who do burritos best.

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