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The Ultimate List Of Hot Dog Joints In New Jersey Part 1

This is Part 1 of a very large list of  New Jersey's favorite places to grab a hot dog. If you ask anyone where to get a good hot dog in New Jersey, you'll get several different answers. Most of us are familiar with the famous old school joints in New Jersey such as Rutt's Hutt, Jimmy Buff's, Hot Grill, and Texas Wiener 1. These places are beyond iconic. They are some of the most visited hot dog businesses in the state. Recently, I was bombarded with suggestions to re-do my Jersey hot dog list. I’m no hot dog expert, but I do love a good hot dog. I hit the food pages on social media specifically asking the expert hot dog fans to suggest places that may have been left off last year’s lists. I was hit with hundreds of comments, emails, private messages, and even phone calls. It was insane! Most of the people who reached out to me were respectful and dare I say very nice. There were a handful of people who chose some strong language while taking me to task for either not including their favorites, or for including places they deemed inferior. I took it on the chin and remained optimistic. In this quest of gathering information and suggestions, I realized that I love hot dogs more than I thought. That requires me to create a whole new list. Hot Dogs Of My Youth My paternal grandparents lived in Brooklyn and took me to Nathan’s on Coney Island more times than I can count. I always looked forward to those trips to Nathan’s. Every bite was sheer delight. The snap you get the minute you bite into Nathan’s hot dog is like no other hot dog I’ve ever had during my childhood. While at home on Long Island, my mother always bought Hebrew National hot dogs because that’s all my maternal grandmother would allow when my mother was growing up. I have since eaten at several dozen places that sell different styles and brands. Jersey Hot Dog Joints I want to thank Jeff Ananson, John Fox, Jason Frushon (the hot dog map guy), and countless other hot dog enthusiasts in New Jersey for the education of everything hot dogs and for sharing their endless love of all the businesses who sell them. Long Live Jersey Hot Dog Joints on Facebook. You’ve been more than helpful. I appreciate each and every one of you.   Original Hot Dog List From December 2023

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