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I am absolutely fascinated with RVs, and if I ever get the courage and money to dive into that world there is no brand I am more interested in than Leisure Travel Vans. Manufactured in Canada, these small RVs are beautifully designed, and they are exactly what I’d want in a recreational vehicle.  These RVs are so popular the current wait time after placing and order is some 24 months!

When it comes to videos from Leisure Travel Vans, the star of the show is Dean Corrigal. Every year Dean guides viewers through the interior and exterior of each new Leisure model, and some of his mannerisms and phrasing are well known LTV fans. Ask any Leisure Travel viewer how tall Dean is, and they will be able to tell you.

LTV is currently rolling out videos featuring their new 2023 models and you can catch them in person this weekend at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA (9/14-9/18/22). Leisure Travels Vans will be among the 40 manufacturers displaying over 1300 RVs just a few hours from the Shore. The model I have been most enamored with is the Unity RL (Rear Lounge), so while we await the 2023 model video, let Dean guide you through the 2022 Unity RL. Incidentally, if anyone has some $260,000 to donate to my RV fund, I would certainly appreciate it.