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The Best Dog Breeds for Cat Owners

If you’re a cat mom or dad, you probably have a firm bond with your pet. Cats have this unique way of “picking” their favorite human, and once you’re chosen, the bond is never broken. Some people may say cats are very independent and once their daily or basic needs are met, they’re not affectionate or loving. That hasn’t been the case at “Casa De Maz!” Cornell has bonded with my husband, so much so that I tell everyone there’s a “bromance” going on between them, and Taylor has latched on to me and brings me toys while I sleep! If you’re a cat lover who’s also partial to dogs, and perhaps is thinking about what breed would blend in with your existing feline family, the American Kennel Club has some suggestions to help you decide. They have 9 breeds that would work well with an existing cat household. Some Of The Breeds I was happy to see Labrador Retrievers on the list! Who can’t resist a big dog that always looks like they’re smiling, happy, and wants to play? They may be a lot bigger than your average cat, but according to the AKC, they’re kind, outgoing, and get along with virtually anyone they meet. If a smaller dog is more your style, perhaps a Papillon might be a good fit! They’re very curious, just like cats, so it could work out to be a good fit and your cat or cats might bond quicker with this breed. Pugs are also on this list, and they’re small and offer up a lot of love! Pugs crave attention, so a cat might blend in well with this breed as felines could be excellent playmates when the humans are away at work or out for fun! If loyalty and patience are your thing, you may want to consider a Bassett Hound! They do have a stubborn streak, but they are very tolerant of other animals. For the full list, visit the American Kennel Club’s site. Oh, and before I forget, when adopting any new pet, always follow the 3-3-3 rule. 3 days to give your new pet time to get used to the new surroundings, after that, gradually introduce your new fur baby to other family members or pets, and keep in mind that it will take 3 months for your new pet to acclimate to your routine and the usual house noises and nuances!

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