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No, You Don’t Really Look Like Your Selfies – Here’s Why

Have you ever felt that you looked really good, but then after taking a selfie, think, "Oh, my gosh. I look horrible. Please tell me I don't really look like that." Well, the good news is that you don't. There are a lot of factors that are in play when it comes to selfies. The truth is that selfies can really distort your look. That said, people have actually hated their mirror image since the beginning of time, Psychology Today points out, but that's not what's happening here. So, no, you don't really look like your selfies, and here's why. Before we get into the reasons, it's safe to say we can blame the digital age. "Every digital camera uses algorithms to transform the different wavelengths of light that hit its sensor into an actual image," The Atlantic explains. There's an actual science about this that I'll get into below. But, before we get into the fakeness of selfies, here are some tips on getting a good "selfie" that look at least more like you than what you're used to getting with your camera phone. My friend and coworker Kayla Morgan is all over TikTok, and she's also noticed influencers talk about the selfie game. "I've seen many influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok share their 'secrets' to the perfect videos and selfies," she says. So, what's the secret? "That secret is using your back camera, not the front. It makes perfect sense! My back camera has three different lenses, while my front camera facing me only has one. You can definitely see the difference in my content as well as other influencers I follow on social media." That's a great tip. I've been shooting music videos for my band, Upon Wings, lately, and I've been using only the selfie camera. It's not looking right, so I'm going to give that a try. Experiment with using the back camera and remember, no matter what, you don't really look like that. Now, read on for the science behind why you don't really look like your selfies.

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