Barbara Farragher

What Is Your Dream Birthday Destination? Here Are My Top 3!

It’s your birthday and you get to go anywhere where would you go? My top three choices include Amsterdam, Jamaica, and Vermont! Amsterdam is a perfect place to celebrate your birthday. The city is bustling with museums, parks, and canals. It’s a perfect place to stroll and grab a stroopwafel or a drink in a cafe. The people are friendly and it’s an easy city to navigate by tram. Be careful of the bikers because they are fast on two wheels! Jamaica is also an amazing place to celebrate your birthday. From the gorgeous beaches to the infectious reggae music, you’re sure to have a relaxing time on this chill island. When my family went, we took a tour of Bob Marley’s house way up in the blue mountains. There was nothing quite like seeing “my single bed” up close! For a few years in my 20’s I lived in Montpelier, Vermont. I highly suggest you spend your birthday in the Green Mountains. Take a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s factory (you get fresh samples right off the line!), take a hike in the summer, or ski in the winter. Vermont is very dog friendly and some of the best thrift shops are found in small towns. A quaint New England getaway is close enough to home, but you feel like you’re in another country. Whether you sniff the Dutch tulips in Keukenhof, hike the green mountains of Vermont, or chill in a hammock as the Jamaican waters lap the sandy beach, a change in latitude is sure to create a change in attitude! Life’s too short to not get out there and celebrate your birthday like a boss! [select-am am_id="494007" syndication_name="best-birthday-gifts-for-any-music-lover"]

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