Matt Knight

Matt Knight

Matt Knight

“I watch for halftime and the commercials” has been a long-standing quote when it comes to those who have absolutely zero interest in the actual Super Bowl.

So of course, we’d be remiss not to pay homage to the best commercials that aired during Kansas City’s victory over Philadelphia.

  • Doritos: “Jack’s New Angle”

    Inspired the by shape of a Doritos chip, Jack Harlow leaves his rap career behind and takes up the triangle. He becomes a huge success and launches a whole triangle trend, impressing Missy Elliot and other stars before ultimately losing the award for “Triangle player of the year” to none other than Elton John.

  • Uber One: “One Hit For Uber One”

    “Diddy don’t do jingles,” a rep for music superstar Sean “Diddy” Combs says at the beginning of this ad. Diddy quickly changes his tune when a trio of executives asks him instead for a “hit.” Now that’s something he can do. He enlists a series of musical collaborators and we get to see Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis, Kelis, Ylvis (yep, a “What Does The Fox Say?” reference in the year 2023), and Haddaway reinvent some of their most popular songs with new promotional lyrics.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts: “Drive-Thru”

    As Ben Affleck works the drive-thru, the reactions of the unsuspecting customers are all amusing but the best reaction is Affleck’s when his wife, Jennifer Lopez, pulls up to the window and asks him what he’s doing there.

  • Pepsi Zero Sugar: “Great Acting Or Great Taste?”

    Following a few teasers that had Ben Stiller and Steve Martin interacting with each other, they each got their own spot (a first-time Super Bowl appearance for both) to show off their acting skills.

  • Rakuten: “Not-so Clueless”

    Alicia Silverstone seems quite happy to return to her Clueless character after all these years. We’re grateful she did. Seeing her slip right back into Cher—unique inflections and all—is downright delightful.

  • PopCorners: “Breaking Good”

    It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a decade since we said goodbye to Walt and Jesse in the final episode of Breaking Bad. The real unexpected treat of this commercial is getting to see Raymond Cruz do his thing as Tuco one more time. He’s “tight tight tight!”

  • Bud Light: “Hold”

    Miles Teller spends downtime by dancing to hold music to amuse his frustrated wife Keleigh while she waits for someone to pick up a customer-service call.

  • Crown Royal: “Thank You Canada”

    Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who is not Canadian, celebrates our neighbor to the north in this spot expressing gratitude for all the nation has given to the world.

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