Conan O’Brien Announces New Travel Show For Max

Late-night talk show legend Conan O'Brien is rarely funnier than we he goes out and about and interacts with folks, especially when he visits other countries. Naturally curious and as affable as they come, Conan's travel videos are some of the best content he as ever put out. His Conan Without Borders series on TBS saw him go to Ghana, Italy, Germany, Korea, Greenland, and more, and each episode is a delightful look at different people and cultures through the hilarious lens of Conan O'Brien. Since ending his run on network TV two years ago, Conan has been concentrating on his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, while signing a development deal with HBO. This week it was announced that the first effort for HBO will be a four-part series called Conan O'Brien Must Go, which sees him off to meet fans from around the world whom he had chatted with on the companion podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Fan. Seeing Conan back on the road and traveling internationally brings instant joy. Check out the trailer.   Conan O'Brien Must Go is still in production and no specific premiere date has been set. The show will be exclusive to Max.

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