Matt Knight

Weekdays 2pm - 7pm


I remember as a 9-year old, how I would sit in front of my boom box and record all of my favorite songs right off of the radio onto cassette.  I must have had hundreds of cassettes in my bedroom.  Then around 13 years old, it dawned on me…there are people who play music AS THEIR JOB!  I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and listened to so many legendary DJ’s along the way.  The first time I heard my voice on the radio as a phone caller, I knew this was what I had to do for work and I’d do whatever it took to get there.  I could listen to music all day, talk to people AND they’d actually listen to me?  Sign me up.

So, I started the journey to getting on the air by graduating with a degree in Communications from St. Francis College in Brooklyn.  While there, I landed an internship at “Jammin’ 105” in New York City and impressed a few people enough to get hired part-time after my internship was over.  I made lots of demos, managed to make some good connections and score a weekend shift here in New Jersey, which 6 months later turned into a full-time night show in March of 2000.  That’s when “Kid Knight” was born.

Well, I’m not a “Kid” anymore but 20 years (and a few New Jersey radio stations) later, I’m thrilled to be here every afternoon playing Jersey’s Greatest Hits on 100.1 WJRZ!  Without you listening, I wouldn’t be here so to anyone who ever spent some time listening to me on the air, I say ‘thank you.’  You’re why we do what we do here at ‘JRZ…otherwise, we’re just talking into a microphone at ourselves.

Questions?  Comments?  Hilarious video you want to share?  Send it to me!