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Nikki Sixx has been sober for a number of years now. The Motley Crue bassist has infamous tales of drinking and drugging. Now, he shares why he thinks it would be a good idea if alcohol were illegal.

Sixx shared via Twitter, “Being sober over two decades I sometimes I think how wonderful it would be if alcohol was illegal. Never seen a drunk make a good decision or their life turn out anything but sh-t. So sad but hey. Government’s gotta make money off taxes one way or another. Same with cigarettes.”

His alcohol idea led to a lot of discussions in the replies. Some people agreed, while others were quick to point out how Prohibition played out over a century ago.

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British musician Ginger Wildheart made an interesting point. He responded, “To be honest, I’ve seen quite a few sober people make dumb decisions too. Alcohol doesn’t make everyone an idiot any more than sobriety makes everyone smart.”

If you’ve noticed Sixx a little more active on social media lately, it might be because Motley Crue is on a break from their world tour. The band is going all over with Def Leppard, which is a sort of continuation on the Stadium Tour with them last summer. The Crue will return to the road on May 22 with a show in Def Leppard’s hometown of Sheffield, England. Their tour leg in Europe lasts through early July. A headful of dates in the United States begins on August 5 in Syracuse, N.Y. A complete list of tour dates can be found at Motley.com.


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