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The Top 10 Albums Of All Time According to Apple Music

Apple Music just released their definitive list of the Top 100 Albums of all time Wednesday morning. The list was met with a "mixed" reaction from listeners as it appears a lot of heavy favorites did not make the top 10 or were omitted from the list altogether. This is not surprising news because Apple Music themselves said the list was "assembled with the help of artists and experts", not leaving much room for fan input. Apple said the list is a "modern love letter to the records that have shaped the world we live and listen in today." That much is true. But, not everyone has time to comb through the entire list just to find out theirs did not cut. We've decided to give you an abridged version of the list and present the heavy hitters...The Top 10 Albums of All Time. But if you are interested in the FULL list, you can check it out here. Some of these were obvious choices, others, maybe not so much. Take a look... Apple Music's Top 10 Albums

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