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The weekend between the conference championships and the Super Bowl tends to be a very quiet sports weekend, which gives you a chance to catch up on things non-football related. Allow me to suggest a few things that you can do that will keep you occupied until next weekend’s game between Philadelphia and Kansas City.

  • Watch the NHL All-Star Game

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    The NHL is on it’s All-Star break, with the game itself happening on Saturday Feb. 4th. Since changing the format of the All-Star festivities to a 3-on-3 tournament format, it’s been a really fun exhibition of some of the best players in the league on display with lots of scoring due to the open ice.

    The skills competition is Friday Feb. 3rd at 7pm on ESPN and the tournament is Saturday Feb. 4th at 3pm on ABC

  • Take Your Spouse On A Date

    Maybe Sundays have been “locked out” on the calendar due to watching football for the past 5 months, so what better way to reward your non-sports fan partner than FINALLY taking them out! Check out some of the spots we’ve highlighted in our “For The Locals” section…and splurge on dessert, will ya!

  • Start The Binge On Some TV Shows


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    Back in January,  I posted my most bingeworthy shows. This would be a great time to pick back up on some of the shows you might have started but didn’t finish…or you just didn’t take my advice. Either way, check out some of the shows I think you should be watching by clicking here.

  • Get Into Competitive Board Gaming

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    Got that competitive itch that only sports can scratch? Try picking up a board game that feeds your competitive need. Nothing gets that spirit going like a solid game of Monopoly, solving a murder with Clue or if you’re feeling a more adult-themed night, go with Cards Against Humanity.

  • Start Spring Cleaning Early


    This one’s a hot take, but if you’re stuck at home sport-less and truly have nothing to do, make that time productive by getting a jumpstart on spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to clean, disinfect, and rearrange your favorite sports-watching spot so it’s ready for when the Super Bowl comes on.