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Your showers are going to get even steamier with this new trend. The “everything shower” is trending and was recently covered by Healthline. It’s when you give yourself a full spa treatment in the shower. This trend isn’t new, though it has gained popularity on TikTok.

People on TikTok have been showing off their routines. Instead of simply washing yourself down in the shower, you include treatments, like a facial, deep-conditioning hair mask, and a detoxifying scalp scrub. Some people also light candles or turn on their diffusers with essential oils. The purpose of the “everything shower” is to reduce stress, improve your overall mood, and lower anxiety.

Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Tania Taylor told Healthline that these kinds of showers can benefit your mind and body.

“Poor personal hygiene can indicate a person is experiencing difficulties, whereas self-soothing through bathing is recognized as being particularly beneficial for our mental health,” Taylor told Healthline.

Another benefit of the “everything shower” is that everyone can do this at home. Taking a shower is already a part of many people’s routines, so it’s easy add to your day-to-day. There are several suggestions for an “everything shower” routine. Many people do a pre-shower prep, shower, and follow a post-shower routine.

The Pre-Shower Prep

Before you get in the shower, you gather up your hair and skin care products. Then you turn on your favorite music playlist or podcast. You can even light a candle or plug in your diffuser with your favorite scents.

The Shower

During your shower, you complete your usual routine but with a twist. Typically, a normal shower consists of shampooing, conditioning, and shaving. In addition to those things, you can add a skin exfoliation, hair masks, foot scrubs, and face masks.

Post Shower

After-shower care is key to an “everything shower” too. Post shower you can focus on moisturizing such as applying lotions, serums, oils, and creams.

When you need a way to relax or something to add to your weekly self-care routine, an “Everything Shower” can do the trick.

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