MTV Flashback With Billy Squier

Christmas is not only the time to say I love you, but it's also the time to hang out and enjoy holiday cheer with all of the original MTV VJ's! Check out this great video from '81!

What Kind Of Sorcery Is This??

This high school cheerleader has the move of the year, and you will look hilarious when you try to replicate it in front of your friends and relatives. challenge accepted pic.twitter.com/QQ1JWbkXx0 — ariel (@arielo1220) December 2, 2017 But wait, check out Part 2! but wait, there's a pt 2 pic.twitter.com/b8JBgeRZdh — ariel (@arielo1220) December 2,…

Daylight Saving Time - How Is This Still A Thing?

If you find yourself dragging this week after changing the clocks back, perhaps you're asking yourself, "How is Daylight Saving Time still a thing?" This Last Week Tonight clip from two years ago addresses that question. There may actually be an end in sight of the time change scourge, at least in New England. Massachusetts,…

Vin Scully Is An American Treasure

There's been no better baseball broadcaster than Vin Scully, who retired from calling Dodgers games last year. The Dodgers invited Vin to throw out the first pitch before game 2 of the World Series, and he did it in the classiest, most Scully-like way possible. If you grew up watching baseball, especially in the early…