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Lisa Anderson



Music has always been a big part of my life. Having grown up in the late 70’s, I had my collection of 45’s (still do!) and the highlight of the weekend was going to the record store to get a new one to add to the collection. I never thought for a minute I’d be playing music for a living, but it’s what I’ve done for the past 17 years!

After graduating high school, I decided to forego college for a career in acting, dreaming someday I’d land a job on Broadway! (still dreaming) After attending acting school for a couple years, I ended up making the rounds and doing community theatre. I even joined a comedy group for 2 years, we performed in New York at the famous Blue Room every week.  As time went on, writing took a back seat to marriage and raising a family. When my children were old enough, I began writing part-time, landing a job as a reporter for a local newspaper. A friend of mine who was a  news reporter asked if I’d like to help out writing the news at a local radio station.  I decided it would be a fun new adventure.

I showed up the next day at the station (hidden in the back of a strip mall, about the size of a phone booth) and upon entering, met a man sitting at the desk who asked me if I came for the job. I soon found out he was the owner/program director. Thinking he knew I was there to write news, I introduced myself, and he proceeded to tell me to “get in the booth and start training.”  I asked him what he meant by “get in the booth” and he told me I needed to train with the on-air jock before I did any shifts. I told him I was there to see about writing which he replied..”NEWS?? I DON’T NEED A REPORTER, I NEED A FEMALE DJ!”  I turned to walk out the door, and he said emphatically “I NEED A FEMALE DJ, NOW GO IN AND TRAIN.”

I began my journey that very day, with exactly 1 hour of training..and lo and behold was officially ” on-air” the following afternoon. Winging it doesn’t even come close. I lived on Pepto-Bismol the first year. Somehow this particular gig lasted 6 years, during which time I learned the ins and outs of radio, met a few celebrities along the way and had a blast. Onto other stations at the Jersey Shore, and now happily at WJRZ, I still shake my head at how a so-called part time writing position has turned into 17 years of being an on air personality. Call it luck, call it fate, call it whatever you’d like…it’s been a fun, exciting, crazy 17 years!