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Glenn Summers



Born and raised in the Garden State, Glenn felt the bite of the broadcasting bug early in life. It was when he found out that a high school friend’s father was a Philly DJ that the fever set in, borrowing promo copies of 45s to play and tape record radio shows.  After getting his degree in Radio-TV, (an actual ‘B.S.’ degree) he’s been up and down the Eastern seaboard, from New Jersey to Florida to Massachusetts to Long Island and finally, back to his roots in South Jersey.

Glenn loves the boardwalk and all it has to offer: pizza, water ice, the occasional roller coaster and bumper car ride and mini-golf. And being from SOUTH Jersey, he’s an ardent Phillies, Flyers and Eagles fan, but don’t hold that against him.

After spending 11 years at the Jersey Shore, Glenn says, “It’s great to be playing Jersey’s Greatest Hits here at 100.1 WJRZ.”