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Must Haves

Must Haves

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The U.S. version of The Office is one of those shows that we just can’t get enough of. The hilarious cast, the jokes, and even some of the most uncomfortable scenes have stood out to many viewers over the years making it a huge fan favorite. So, we’ve decided to put together a list of t-shirts inspired by The Office and the clips, that made them funny, to give you something to brighten up your day. 

  • 1) Schrute Farms Tee


    He may not be everyone’s favorite guy, but Dwight Schrute had a lot of hilarious moments on the show. Some of my favorites included his cousin Mose and Schrute Farms, and the time that Jim and Pam stayed at Schrute Farms? Classic! Seriously, this shirt is such a cool gift idea for any Office fan.

  • 2) Scott’s Tots Shirt


    This was one of the most awkward moments on the show to be sure. It was incredibly sad, but also exactly the kind of horrible shenanigans Michael Scott got himself into. So, of course, we had to include it on this list!

  • 3) You Miss 100% of The Shots You Don’t Take


    Again, just another classic Michael Scott moment. Taking this famous Wayne Gretzky quote and also slapping his name on it is just typical for this guy. Steve Carell really delivers in this show and he absolutely was my favorite character on it (even if he was not a good person at times.)

  • 4) 2nd Annual Pretzel Day T-Shirt


    Ah, good ‘ole Pretzel Day. If you love the show like we do, we’re sure you remember Pretzel Day. It’s one of the few times we see Stanley so excited about anything. So of course, we had to make sure we included this shirt. It’s definitely one of our favorites on this list. It’s available in sizes Small through 3XL. 

  • 5) The Dundies Tee


    The episode for the first Dundies is easily one of my favorites. Jim and Pam are still in that weird limbo where they clearly like each other but Pam is still engaged to Roy. Michael has some really bad jokes and get’s made fun of at the Chilis, but overall it’s a great episode! So yes, we had to make sure you saw this clip once again. What would your Dundie award be for? 

  • 6) Serenity By Jan T-Shirt


    Even though I absolutely loathed Jan’s character, especially when she is dating Michael, some of the crazy things she did add to the show overall. One of the main reasons why I love this so much is because of the bloopers from the Dinner Party scene where we first hear about Serenity by Jan. The cast can barely hold it together for many of the very uncomfortable moments you see on the show, which adds to the whole thing in my opinion. Also, the fact that The Office made an “official” commercial for the products is just even better.

  • 7) I’m Not Superstitious, I’m A Little Stitious


    This might be one of my favorite lines uttered in the whole show. Again, Steve Carell is incredible as Michael Scott and he does such a good job delivering bizarre yet funny lines like this one.

  • 8) Did I Stutter? T-shirt


    There are tons of great supporting characters on this show. Stanley is definitely an enjoyable one. There’s always that one guy who just wants to come in do his work and go home in the office, and Stanley is just like that. He doesn’t really care for all the flare the rest of the Office tries to partake in. This is one of my favorite scenes of his! 

  • 9) Threat Level Midnight


    Michael’s action film titled Threat Level Midnight is awesome. The fact that the team decides to do a table read of the script is the cherry on top of the cake. The amount of crazy references in the script is hilarious.

  • 10) Rabies Awareness Fun Run Tee


    Michael deciding to have a fun run for Rabies Awareness is just so outrageous of course had to add this shirt. The details alone sold us but remembering this clip of Michael Scott talking about why he is putting on the race had us laughing once again.

  • 11) Vance Refrigeration


    Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration is one of those weird lovable side characters in the show. My favorite fan theory about Bob Vance is that the reason why he says Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration a bunch in the show is because the show is supposed to be a documentary in the world the of the Office and by saying his company name as he introduces himself he is advertising his business in a way. It’s a weird theory but one I enjoy!

  • 12) Creed Thoughts


    I try to love all the characters equally, but I can’t help but love Creed Bratton the most. Creed is such a weird individual and honestly, Creed Thoughts is such a perfect summation of him. The fact that Ryan just gives him a word doc and calls it a blog and Creed is none the wiser is by far the best part. 

  • 13) Michael Scott Paper Company


    One of my favorite story arcs in the show is when Michael and Pam leave the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and start their own company, the Michael Scott Paper Company. The fact that they do surprisingly well and even start undercutting some of Dunder Mifflin’s accounts is really awesome. Overall, this is definitely a shirt a true Office fan would love to own. 

  • 14) Scranton Branch Company Picnic


    When the annual company picnic for Dunder Mifflin rolls around the Scranton branch is sure to show up. This red shirt is a replica of the ones the Scranton team wears to the picnic. These are my favorite kinds of shirts because you really have to know the show to be able to recognize its significance.

  • 15) “Dwight You Ignorant...”

    This shirt goes without saying doesn’t it? I feel like even if you haven’t seen the show, you probably have seen this clip before.

  • 16) “That’s What”-She Said Tee


    Michael Scott is the king of That’s What She Said jokes. So of course had to make sure we included not only this tee but this compilation of Michael’s that’s what she said jokes. 

  • 17) Assistant To The Regional Manager Tee


    I haven’t talked nearly enough about Dwight, but I absolutely love this shirt! Not only does it look very similar to Dwight’s everyday office attire, but it even has the Assistant To The Regional Manager tee on it which of course is a huge point of contention for Dwight and Michael. So enjoy this clip of Dwight becoming Assistant Regional Manager. 

  • 18) Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica


    Another favorite episode of mine is when Jim decides to impersonate Dwight. The best part is when Dwight deadpan looks at Jim and says, “Identity theft isn’t a joke, Jim. Millions of families suffer every year.”

  • 19) Stapler In Jello Prank


    And because I wanted to leave you with the best for last, here is a shirt that I’m sure all of you know and love. The Stapler in Jello prank is the first we ever see on the show. It’s not his best, but it definitely sets the tone for so much more to come in the show’s storylines and characters. Plus if you’re a fan of the UK Office, you definitely know that this happened on that show first!

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