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Must Haves

Must Haves

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It has been several years since Walter White and Jesse Pinkman appeared on our TV screens making their own brand of purer meth and creating an empire. And since 2008, a huge fanbase of Breaking Bad fans has popped up. The show was so successful that they even decided to do a spin-off series for Saul Goodman “Attorney at Law.” So, to celebrate this awesome TV series, we’ve put together a list of 20 Breaking Bad Must Haves that any fan is sure to love. 

  • 1) Heisenberg Face Drawing Tee

    “Heisenberg says, ‘relax.’” Yeah, we had to start this list with a true winner. If you’re a fan of the show the outline of this face is no stranger to you, and neither is the name, Heisenberg. This t-shirt is available in many sizes and colors.

  • 2) Breaking Bad RV Model

    How cool is this? You can build your very own Breaking Bad RV. It would make a really cool collector’s item for any super fan.

    Get It Here On Amazon
  • 3) Breaking Bad RV Wall Art

    Speaking of this iconic RV, how about this very funny piece of wall art? I don’t know why it feels like it needs to go in my bathroom, but that’s exactly where I’d put it.

    Buy It Now On Etsy
  • 4) I Am The One Who Knocks Doormat

    Walter White certainly knows how to leave an impression on people. This doormat not only is a cool way to show your love for the show, but it’s also a good way to show who is in charge. The doormat is available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your space best.

    Pick It Up On Etsy
  • 5) Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

    Ah, one of our favorite places in the Breaking Bad universe. Los Pollos Hermanos was featured on the show several times as it was part of Gustavo Fring’s operation. Why not get a t-shirt for it? This shirt is available in sizes Small through 3XL. It also comes in Youth sizes and Sweatshirt styles.

    Score Yours Now From Tee Public
  • 6) Respect The Chemistry Mug

    That’s right you always respect the chemistry. We love the fact that this mug not only features this quote but also has periodic table symbols like the show’s title card.

    Snag One Here From Etsy
  • 7) Respect The Chemistry T-Shirt

    And speaking of “Respect the Chemistry, what about a fun t-shirt with it? We love that they utilized that blue color of the meth Walter and Jesse make. 

  • 8) Custom Let’s Cook Breaking Bad Cutting Board

    How cool is this? This cutting board not only has a Breaking Bad theme but it can also be personalized. This would make a really cool gift idea for the Breaking Bad fan and chef in your life.

    Grab It Here From Etsy
  • 9) Saul Goodman Attorney At Law Motel-Style Keychain

    The motel keychain trend is huge right now. And so when we found this Saul-inspired one we had to add it. I mean, he is one of our favorite TV show attorneys.

    Get One Here From Etsy
  • 10) Better Call Saul Magnet

    Speaking of Saul, we love this Better Call Saul fridge magnet. I’m a big magnet collector so this is very cool. It’s another great gift idea for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans alike.

    Get Yours Now From Etsy
  • 11) Walter White School of Chemistry Shirt

    This may be one of my favorite items on the entire list. The graphics here are awesome and it’s such a cool way to incorporate Walt’s background as a chemistry teacher as a t-shirt. This shirt is available in several different colors and a wide range of sizes.

  • 12) Breaking Bad Enamel Pins

    If you love enamel pins this is definitely something you’re going to want to own. This enamel pin pack comes with four pins featuring the RV, the gas masks, the bee symbol, and (my personal favorite) Walt doing the Salt Bae meme but with meth.

    Get It Here From Etsy
  • 13) Kiss The Cook T-shirt

    You gotta love a fun pun, right? Make sure you grab this one in one of seven colors.

  • 14) Heisenberg Candle

    How genius is this candle? The fact that the inside of the candle has that blue rock look that reminds you specifically of the meth from the show is awesome! The candle has notes of tarragon leaves, grapefruit, and lime; complimented by notes of bergamot and jasmine; well rounded with base notes of oakmoss and bamboo.

    Pick It Up On Etsy
  • 15) Breaking Bad Character Coasters

    This is another great gift idea for Breaking Bad fans everywhere. This set of four cork coasters features laser engraved portraits of Walter, Jesse, Saul, and Mike. 

    Score Yours Now From Etsy
  • 16) Keep On Cookin’ New Mexico RV T-Shirt

    This is just another fan favorite. It’s sure to have people asking “where did you get that shirt?”

  • 17) Breaking Bad Neon Light

    This Heisenberg sign is awesome. The sign is made of acrylic, wood, vinyl, and LED lights and is powered with the Micro USB adapter.

    Grab One Here From Etsy
  • 18) In Legal Trouble? Better Call Saul T-Shirt

    We all know that Saul is our first phone call if we get in trouble! You can snag this t-shirt in sizes XS through 2XL.

    Grab It Here From Etsy
  • 19) Breaking Bad Monopoly

    I don’t know about you, but I love playing Monopoly. And as a Breaking Bad fan, this one is a Must Have and an immediate “add to cart” item. The game features game pieces from the show like the Heisenberg Hat, Tio’s Bell, the Gas Mask, the RV and so much more.

  • 20) Have A Blue Christmas Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater

    I love adding these funny Christmas sweaters to these lists. Especially when they make me laugh out loud. This one is a perfect Christmas gift idea for Breaking Bad fans.

    Get Yours Now From Etsy

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