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’JRZ Goes Around The Web

’JRZ Goes Around The Web

Halloween is the time of year when spookiness takes center stage, and creative costumes rule the streets. It’s also the day of the beloved tradition, trick-or-treating. Whether you’re a kid dreaming of a candy jackpot or an adult admiring the neighborhood’s costume creativity while handing out treats, it’s a highlight of the year.

However, you’ll always find that one neighbor who likes to shake things up by handing out something other than candy. It’s not always a bad thing, though. Some people do it for a good reason, like considering kids with dietary restrictions. But if you’re considering going outside the box, you should avoid certain trick-or-treat handouts.

Let’s talk about the Halloween horrors, the stuff no one wants in their trick-or-treat bag. First on the list are those infamous toothbrushes or dental floss packs. Halloween is the one night a year when kids can indulge in a sugar frenzy, and suddenly, you’re handed a dental hygiene product. It’s like being told to eat your veggies at a birthday party. Then there are the homemade treats. While some homemade goodies can be delicious, receiving unlabeled, homemade treats can make even the bravest trick-or-treater think twice; also, most parent’s won’t feel comfortable with that and may dispose of them. All of your hard work will go to waste! Safety is paramount on Halloween, and unwrapped or unlabeled edibles can raise concerns.

Another item to avoid is pennies. They’re not even worth the trip to the store, and they make you question if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a time machine back to the 1950s. If you’re going to give out money on Halloween, make it worthwhile if you can swing it. While Halloween is all about surprises, pennies are definitely not the kind of surprises anyone hopes for.

Take a look at some of the worst trick-or-treat handouts for Halloween.

  • Key Chains

    Keychains are handy, but they’re not exactly the kind of treasure kids hope to find in their candy haul. They want stuff that’s sweet, not stuff for keys they don’t have. Save yourself some money and pass on key chains.

    Leather keychain, holder trinket for key with metal ring. Vector realistic template of black fob for home, car or office isolated on white background. Blank accessory for corporate identity

    klyaksun/ Getty Images

  • Hygiene Products

    We all know cleanliness is important, but getting soap, shampoo, or hand sanitizer in your treat bag on Halloween is not what kids look forward to. It’s a treat, not a trip to the pharmacy. It’s like getting socks for Christmas. While practical, it’s not exactly exciting.

    bottles of amenity set besides bathtub in bathroom

    onsuda/ Getty Images

  • Loose Change

    Coins may have been an acceptable treat decades ago, but nowadays, they’re seen as disappointing. Kids prefer candy. Or maybe small toys (if they’re exciting/cool enough). Unless, you’re giving away the big bucks, steer clear of this one.

    Coins in denominations of 1 American cent with a portrait of Lincoin on a gray background

    Max Zolotukhin/ Getty Images

  • Trail Mix

    Healthy snacks are great, but Halloween is all about the sugar rush. Kids aren’t exactly thrilled to find a mix of fruit and nuts in their bag. They’re hoping for chocolates and gummies, not something they associate with after-school snacks.

    Colorful trail mix in a white bowl with spoon

    dbvirago/ Getty Images

  • Coupons

    Adults may appreciate coupons for discounts at local businesses, but they don’t make for a fun Halloween treat for kids. Saving money is cool, but Halloween is all about instant gratification. And coupons for discounts don’t really make the cut.

    10% OFF coupon illustration set

    ichico/ Getty Images

  • Brochures or Pamphlets

    Halloween is not the time to distribute religious or informational materials. Kids are looking for fun and treats, not pamphlets. Consider giving those away another day that’s not Halloween.

    A shallow focus shot of a male standing near a door and giving out pamphlets while smiling

    Wirestock/ Getty Images

  • Toothbrushes and Dental Floss

    Halloween is all about the candy, right? So, if you toss a toothbrush or dental floss into a kid’s stash of treats, you’re basically inviting disappointment. Plus, it’s safe to assume that the trick-or-treater already has a toothbrush. Do they truly need another one?

    Dental floss and toothbrush on white background

    egal/ Getty Images

  • Unwrapped Candy

    Throwing unwrapped candy into a plastic pumpkin? That’s just asking for a sticky mess. Plus, it’s not the cleanest option. And given the concerns these days, it’s just another worry for parents who fear someone might mess with their child’s candy.

    Close-up of hard candies isolated on white background.

    LeventKonuk/ Getty Images

  • Homemade Treats

    Those fancy homemade snacks that look like they came straight from Pinterest can be cute, but if you don’t really know the kids or their parents, they might wonder about your intentions. Sticking to pre-packaged treats is your best bet on Halloween, especially if you’re trying to keep trick-or-treating simple and sanitary.

    Decorating Halloween gingerbreads of pumpkin lantern and skeletons with frosting. Girl holds pastry bag with black icing and decorates gingerbread pumpkin lantern

    13-Smile/ Getty Images

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