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Congratulations to the Following Teachers!


    Math Teacher
    H.W. Mountz School, Spring Lake

    Mrs. Dettlinger goes above and beyond for her students, often giving of her personal time to help all students succeed in accomplishing a rigorous curriculum. Mrs. Dettlinger makes it a goal to get to know each of her students personally. She learns their likes and dislikes, their favorite activities and hobbies, and she easily relates to the kids talking sports, music, movies, and the like. Many of her former students have stayed in touch with her and they often cite the work in her class as having best prepared them for continued success in high school, especially with high level or honors math classes. 

    When it comes to virtual learning, Mrs. Dettlinger was ahead of the curve. Several years ago, before COVID forced schools into remote instruction, Mrs. Dettlinger piloted a blended learning experiment with students from various districts participating in a remote class for the entirety of the school year. She has since taught high level math classes to students in Avon, Belmar, Brielle, and Sea Girt remotely – while also continuing to host her own Spring Lake students. The class has received acclaim from students and parents from each of the districts.  

    Mrs. Dettlinger also serves as the facilitator of the District’s National Junior Honor Society, she has been recognized and invited to present at a national conference on the application of STEM in the classroom, and now she is officially recognized as a Teacher Who Rocks!   


    7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    Cedar Drive Middle School, Colts Neck

    Joe Truisi is the epitome of a young professional who has found their calling and made it a career!  He is kind and enthusiastic with his students and with his colleagues.  His good humor and positive attitude spill out of his classroom and brighten up the whole school!   

    Joe’s dress up days are legendary!  Whether it’s a historical period costume or spirit week, Joe is always above and beyond to the delight of his school community.  

    He also is always available for students and staff for extra help or mentoring or just listening.  He is proactive and he turnkeys essential professional development for his colleagues.  And having a tech savvy hall neighbor is always a plus! 

    Joe coaches cross country in the Fall.  He also facilitates “After the Bell”, an after school program for homework improvement.  Additionally, he has hosted the very popular music and film intramural clubs.  

    For all of these reasons and more, Joseph Truisi is definitely a Teacher Who Rocks!  


    Special Education Teacher
    Hazlet Middle School

    Susan Brennan truly embodies the mission of Hazlet Middle School. She is caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a true advocate for children. She consistently goes above and beyond for students, making their middle school experience a positive one. Mrs. Brennan’s classroom is active and engaging. You will never visit and see students who are not actively participating and being guided in a way that meets their individual learning needs.  

    In her classroom, Mrs. Brennan teaches not only academic content, but social skills, organization, time management, life skills, responsibility, teamwork, friendship and community. She creates a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive, never allowing students to give less than their best, while providing all of the resources they need to reach their maximum potential.  

    Mrs. Brennan volunteers to work with students during extended hours, and she always says “yes” when asked to assist with special school functions, such as Hurricane Palooza field day. She keeps a smile on her face and really has FUN with kids. Her colleagues describe Sue as “the epitome of a team player!” Already named the Governor’s Educator of the Year 2020-2021, Susan Brennan is also now a Teacher Who Rocks!  


    Honors Math Teacher
    Lacey Township Middle School

    Teaching with clarity, patience and expectations, Alison Brannick’s focus is on her students, not necessarily the subject. Mrs. Brannick believes that if she can focus on each individual student and their needs, she can convey each concept she needs them to address.  

    Mrs. Brannick has developed her classroom into a multi-functionally room where her students can choose a learning direction that best suits their personal style. As an educator, you need to be diverse in your teaching techniques and this has been a technique that Mrs. Brannick has embraced and developed for years. 

    Mrs. Brannick not only makes time for her group of students, but she sits in on classes where students need some encouragement, who need to hear that they are doing great. She helps students feel empowered in math and STEM science and pushes them to participate in math functions like Math League, and her special day – PI day! Her philosophy is time – it just takes time for the wheels to CLICK.  

    Beyond her classroom duties, Mrs. Brannick also serves as the Drama director, pushing the “other side” of a student’s creative ability to shine through. As Math League advisor she has won many accolades for LTMS, and now Alson Brannick finds herself a winner as a Teacher Who Rocks!