The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

If you got your driver’s license in the 80’s, cars were a big part of your life at that time. Maybe it was your first car, your dream car or the cars we remember from the great 80’s movies and television shows. There was something for everyone.

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From the fast to the fuel efficient, and everything in between, here is my list of the 10 Most Notable Cars of the 80’s:

  • 10) The Yugo

    It was ugly, cheap and arguably one of the worst cars ever made. It lives in 80’s automotive infamy.

  • 9) The Chevy Chevette Hatchback

    It was affordable, economical and fun to put 8 friends in.

  • 8) The Chevy Corvette

    The new style Corvette debuted in 1984 and is still growing on people. A new classic.

  • 7) The Suzuki Samurai

    It was like driving a 4X4 looking Big Wheel that could tip over on fast turns.

  • 6) The Pontiac Fiero

    A 2 seater, 4 cylinder, mid-engine sports car with Enduraflex rubber body panels. A totally 80’s concept car.

  • 5) The Chevy IROC Z Camaro

    Only the cool kids had one and it was a big hit among the Guidos in Seaside.

  • 4) The Pontiac Trans-Am

    The restyled version came out in 1982 and it was immortalized as KITT in the Hasselhoff hit show, Knight Rider.

  • 3) The Honda Accord

    One of the top sellers of the decade and it seemed like every college kid had one in the 80’s.

  • 2) The Ferrari Testarossa

    All the rich villains drove one. Crockett and Tubbs tooled around Miami undercover in their 1986 Testarossa on Miami Vice.

  • 1) The DeLorean DMC 12

    Made with stainless steel body panels and cool gull wing doors, it was the perfect choice for the ultimate 80’s time machine in “Back to The Future”.

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