The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

The ‘JRZ Airstaff Shares All Their 80’s Favorites

Remember when we all sat there having breakfast while reading the cereal box, solving puzzles and chugging that sugary milk when we were finished? What we wouldn’t give to go back to being a kid in the 1980’s, right? Let’s take a look back at what was in those cereal boxes as I give you some of my top breakfast cereals from the 80’s that probably kept lots of dentists busy.

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  • Mr. T Cereal

    I pity the fool who didn’t get at least one box of this Cap’n Crunch rip-off that were in the shape of a “T.” Mr. T was huge in 1984 thanks to “The A-Team” and “Rocky”, so all Quaker Oats did was re-shape the already successful Cap’n Crunch and bam, a new cereal! It made a great cameo in “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” too.

  • Smurf Berry Crunch

    Lots of cereals in the 80’s were marketed to what was big on TV and in the movies and Smurf Berry Crunch was no exception.  This cereal was described on the box as a “fruity sweetened corn, oat & wheat cereal fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals.” So it HAD to be good for us, right?

  • E.T. Cereal

    This should probably be higher on the list because it was one of the first peanut butter cereals I remember. Capitalizing on the movie and Reese’s Pieces being E.T.’s favorite treat, it was a combo of peanut butter and chocolate, you could call these “Reese’s Krispies.”

  • Ice Cream Cones

    By the late 80’s, we stopped pretending cereal was “healthy” as this cereal not only was packed with (delicious) sweetness, but you also got a package of gumballs with it too. Because MORE SUGAR delivered by Ice Cream Jones!

  • Pac-Man

    Yup, video games were cereal too! This was your standard corn cereal with Pac-Man marshmallows but let’s be real…who cares if it was “standard?” It was shaped like the biggest video game of the 80’s!

  • S’Mores Crunch

    GENIUS! This cereal gave Golden Grahams a chocolate dusting and put them together with marshmallows and you didn’t even need a campfire! It’s entirely possible I kept this cereal in production all by myself based on how much I ate. Thanks to this kid for “dreaming” them into reality.

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