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In the world of pizza, usually, anything goes. However, when you think of ingredients, Spicy Brown Mustard, usually would not make your list.

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Oh, but don’t be so quick to judge my gluten-loving friend. You see for over 100 years the New Jersey Mustard Pizza Pie has been a staple of many western Jersey communities. Guess what, it’s exactly what you might think. They squirt a layer of mustard right on the dough before baking! I have to tell you I have been dying to try one of these for years!

So, I started doing a little investigating on where to even find a place that makes this super special spiced-up slice. Well, I found out more than that! As first reported on the website Jersey Bites, there’s quite a history.


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According to folklore, decades ago, an intoxicated customer walked into a pizzeria in the Chambersburg section of Trenton and slurred his order. The questionable local lore suggests that the pizza guy misheard mushroom for mustard and obliged. Thus was born the Trenton Mustard Pie, the unexpected offspring of the Trenton Tomato Pie.

Meanwhile, nowadays you will see mustard pies being made with equal parts tomato sauce and mustard. Plus pies that are just made with a mustard base, then cheese then the sauce, like a traditional old-school tomato pie.

All of this begs the question, why don’t we have a place that cooks up a mustard pie here at the Jersey Shore?

Seriously, we have some kick-ass pizza places on our side of the state. Can’t there be one or two that do a good spicy brown or French yellow pie? Am I crazy? Ok don’t answer that, but do let me know if you know any or have ever heard of a local Jersey Shore Pizzeria or restaurant that makes A mustard pie. I’d like to try it and save the gas to Trenton. Although I’d probably still go.

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Here are some of the few places in the state that serve the legendary Mustard Pie!

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