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’JRZ Goes Around The Web

’JRZ Goes Around The Web

When someone asks you to be their plus one, it’s a clear sign that they want you by their side for a good time. It could be anything from a fancy wedding to a laid-back party or even a work shindig. Basically, it’s an event where you can tag along and enjoy the fun together. They’re saying, “Hey, I want you there with me because we’ll have fun!”

It’s best to strive to be a considerate and drama-free plus one. You’d think that being someone’s date or guest at a party would be a pretty simple task. But there are a lot of potential faux pas that can mess up a night, or even a friendship. Being late and dressing inappropriately are two big ones. Don’t be the person who doesn’t seem interested in being there. Be open to mingling and getting to know new people. Don’t stick to your phone or find a corner to sulk in. Don’t complain too much, either: no one loves a party pooper.

Being a bad plus one may strain the relationships of the person who invited you and whoever is holding the event or party.  That, in turn, will strain your relationship with the person who took you, if you’re the plus one. To ensure you don’t end up causing any party fouls, we’ve put together a list of things to remember when you’re the guest and not the main attraction. Here’s what you should absolutely avoid doing as someone’s plus one.

  • Ditch the Shy Act: Embrace Socializing

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    Just because you’re tagging along with someone you know doesn’t mean you should stick to them like glue and avoid talking to anyone else. The non-socializing plus one is the epitome of wallflower behavior. They often stand or sit on the sidelines, observing the interactions but rarely engaging in conversations. As a plus one, you want to avoid being glued to your phone or standing on the outskirts of the party. Try joining in conversations and mingling with guests.

  • Dress Code Rebellion

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    Dismissing the dress code as a plus one is a dangerous game to play. Whether it’s showing up to a formal affair in casual attire or wearing something outrageously attention-grabbing that steals the spotlight from the host or guest of honor, you don’t want to do this. If you’re unsure of what the dress code is, you should ask the person who invited you.

  • Party Hard, But Not Too Hard

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    When you’re someone’s plus one, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your drink intake. Being the drunk plus one is a big no-no. So, remember to pace yourself and avoid going overboard on the alcohol. Nobody wants to deal with a sloppy mess at the event. Stay in control, have a good time, and keep the party vibe going without crossing the line into a drunken disaster zone.

  • No Rudeness Allowed

    two women arguing or disagreeing


    Show good manners, steer clear of offensive jokes, and treat others with respect as a plus one. Remember, the event is a time to connect and have fun, so be kind and considerate to everyone involved. Steering clear of topics like politics and religion. You probably don’t know most of the people there, so you shouldn’t make assumptions about their beliefs. Also – and this should go without saying, but we’ll say it — avoid publicly critiquing the person you came with.

  • Negative Nancy Alert

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    Don’t fall into the trap of constantly complaining, picking apart every detail from food to music to ambiance. Instead, focus on enjoying the event and making the most of the experience. A positive attitude goes a long way in creating a fun and memorable time for everyone involved. Don’t be a “Debbie Downer” or a “Bob Bummer.”

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