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Cell Phones for Soldiers

December 31
Ocean County, , , NJ, + Google Map

Cell Phones for Soldiers are being collected by Nancy Seibert, along with the Berkeley Twp. Regular Republican Club “Support the Troops Project.”

They collect any phone in any condition and send them to a recycler for free 60-minute calling cards for our troops serving overseas.

If you have an old cell phone to donate, or have a soldier serving overseas and would like to send them free calling cards, call Nancy at 732-606-6040.

Nancy Seibert has been collecting for “Cell Phones for Soldiers” since 2006. She has combined forces with the Berkeley based, “Support the Troops” project and Lloyd Mullikin, who has been sending packages oversea since 2004. Over the past ten years these projects have worked closely together collecting phones, and mailing packages which include the calling cards to our troops overseas.

Cell phones are collected in any condition and sent to a recycler. The profits from the recycling are sent to the organization headquarters in Massachusetts to purchase 60-minute calling cards for our troops overseas, so that they may keep in contact with their families during their deployment.

To date, there have been over 21,000 phones collected and over 90,000 free 60-minute calling cards donated through thru their efforts to date. They have various drop sites throughout the area so that donors can drop their phones in them and then they collect them from the sites for recycling.

They are also accepting names of soldiers serving overseas to send them calling cards. They will need their name, rank, and military mailing address to mail them a package along with the calling cards.

Your participation in the program would be greatly appreciated by the Cell Phones for Soldiers program. If you require more information, please contact Nancy Seibert, project coordinator at 732-606-6040. Thank you on behalf of our soldiers for your donation.