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NJSIAA Releases Statement On Controversial Manasquan-Camden Game

Good morning, Sports fans!  Davey Mac here with the final Sports Report of the week for ya!  Basketball, hockey, and baseball scores news, and a crazy boxing story!  But first! If you didn't see our story from yesterday, Manasquan High School was screwed over in what should have been a game-winning shot in the state semis over Camden.   Manasquan School District has now filed a lawsuit...asking the court to pause the championship game on Saturday.  The NJSIAA released a statement saying they understood Manasquan's frustration and apologized for the blown call... "Here, all of the events happened within the final second of the game. One of the three officials counted the basket as beating the buzzer. The three officials then met at half-court to confer. A second official saw the ball in the shooter's hands when the buzzer sounded. The officials then waived off the basket. Later, after being shown video clips, the second official agreed the basket should have counted. That said, the rules are clear -- once game officials leave the 'visual confines of the playing court,' the game is concluded, and the score is official. So, while the officiating crews' reports indicate that a post-game review of footage of the play in question convinced them that the basket should have counted, the results could not then and cannot now be changed. Also, NJSIAA Program Regulations, Section 14 - which governs the use of video - states, 'No video or audio recording may be used to review or challenge the decision of a sports official.' In addition, NJSIAA Bylaws, Article VII, Section 1 prohibit protests 'based upon an official's judgment or misinterpretation (misapplication) of the playing rules.' The ruling on the court is, exclusively and by rule, what determines the game winner. Unlike in college or the pros, there is no instant replay review in high school basketball in New Jersey. These are the rules of the game that all schools agree to follow, and which have been upheld on appeal. We apologize to the Manasquan team for the error."   So what do you think?  How should this controversy be handled?  It's a tough situation for Manasquan...hopefully, they get fair treatment on this.  I'm Davey on to the rest of the Sports Report! [caption id="attachment_979325" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 26: Head coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils cuts down the net after defeating the Arkansas Razorbacks 78-69 during the second half in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Elite 8 Round at Chase Center on March 26, 2022 in San Francisco, California.[/caption]