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New Jersey Is Obsessed With Fantasy Football

It's officially the biggest fantasy draft week of the year. To coincide with the start of fantasy football 2023, Shane Company has published a feature that ranks the most fantasy football-obsessed states in the country, and New Jersey sits towards the top. "As September arrives, football fanatics are hard at work researching their favorite players and creating fantasy leagues for the upcoming season," they state. In order to determine which states are the most obsessed, Shane Co. surveyed 2,200 fantasy football players. This helped determine three different categories specific to this subject. They were: NFL fanbases that are best at fantasy football, the overall impact of fantasy football on Americans, and finally, the states that are most obsessed with fantasy football. How Did New Jersey Do? With Giants, Jets, and Eagles fans scattered throughout the state, it's no surprise that Garden Staters love fantasy football. New Jersey ranked as the fourth most obsessed (out of the 50 states). Only the NFC North finished above. Minnesota ranked number one, Wisconsin was number two, and Massachusetts was three. New Jersey NFL fans had a decent overall showing here as well. In the NFL fanbases that are best at fantasy football, Giants, Jets, and Eagles fans were in the middle of the pack (ranking #7, #15, #22). Here, the Arizona Cardinals fans were ranked number one. Finishing last was the Baltimore Ravens fanbase. Fantasy Impact Shane Company's report breaks down what, exactly, "obsessed" can mean when it relates to fantasy football. They state that one in four players would give up alcohol for a year if it meant winning their fantasy league. 1 in 5 players would rather watch their fantasy team's players than their favorite team. Lastly, they say, "70% of fantasy football players report checking in on their fantasy football team during work." So, what do you do when your fantasy draft presents you with tough decisions? Do you take your favorite Jets or Giants players on the board or the best NFL player available? It appears with New Jersey being one of the states most obsessed with fantasy football this season, it would be the latter. [select-listicle listicle_id="629963" syndication_name="12-best-nfl-quarterbacks-for-the-2023-season" description="yes"]

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