For The Locals

Beach Season is nearly upon us, and that means tons of folks descending on the Jersey Shore to enjoy our coastline from Sandy Hook to Cape May. New Jersey beaches are outstanding, but every so often there are water quality issues that require shutting a beach down until the situation clears up.

In order to make sure you don’t turn up at a beach that’s closed or has dodgy water quality, New Jersey has a website where you can check on the water quality daily of every beach in the state.


According to the site, “From mid-May to mid-September, local health departments monitor recreational beach water quality. On this web site, you will find current beach status, water quality sample results, reports of beach advisories and beach closings, information on other events that affect beaches and daily updates from our coastal surveillance flights.”

Check out all the latest water quality reports at


With 219 monitoring stations up and down the coast, New Jersey beaches are vigilantly tested and protected, making the Jersey Shore a top, top, top holiday destination. Keep in mind that beaches officially open this weekend, and be sure to never swim in the ocean without lifeguards present.

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