For The Locals

With all due respect to the BBQ joints at the Jersey Shore, there’s just no topping Big Barlow’s and after a year+ following the closing of their restaurant in Barnegat, co-owner Kaila Barlow & husband/pitmaster Chris announced on Facebook that they will open their new storefront located at 420 N. Main St. (behind Wawa) in Manahawkin on Tuesday, Feb. 28th.

Big Barlow’s BBQ & Catering went from a popular food truck to one of the most well-known barbecue restaurants. But staffing shortages and a rise in meat prices forced their restaurant to close in August of 2021 when Chris Barlow shared, “We have lost far too much money over the last 7 months to make a comeback. We will, however, offer catering and get back to being mobile over time.” During the pandemic, Barlow’s partnered with local chefs to raise funds and donate meals to frontline workers.

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I’m thrilled to share this news with our 100.1 WJRZ listening audience as the Barlow family persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring food prices and staff issues to re-open at this new Manahawkin location. Taking hit after hit, including a power surge knocking out the old restaurant’s smokers, ruining 900 pounds of pork and brisket…they were unsure if they’d return to a storefront. They also lost thousands of dollars worth of meat when Tropical Storm Isaias took out the restaurant’s power shortly after that power surge. Chris shared with me that the biggest push for them was that their kids wanted to see them re-open the restaurant. Now a year and a half later, we’re pumped for their grand opening celebration on Saturday, March 4th. For more information, visit their Facebook page

Being that their new location is literally 2 minutes from our studios, we plan to seriously crush all the smoked meats regularly!