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’JRZ Goes Around The Web

As Halloween approaches, Attorney Generals in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Connecticut, and Arkansas have all issued statements warning parents about these marijuana-infused treats set to look like the original product.

Marijuana Treats

“These unregulated and deceptive cannabis products will only confuse and harm New Yorkers, which is why they have no place in our state,” said Attorney General Letita James of New York in a press release. “It is essential that we limit their access to protect our communities and, more specifically, our children. In light of an increase in accidental overdoses among children nationwide, it is more vital than ever that we do everything we can to curb this crisis and prevent any further harm, or even worse, death.”

The look-alike merchandise might include excessive concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary compound present in marijuana and if consumed by children, it may result in an unintended overdose.

“Unintentional hashish overdoses by youngsters are growing nationwide, and these merchandise will solely make this worse,” said Attorney General William Tong of Connecticut in a press release.

All of the attorneys have issued to their residents that if they see the look-alike merchandise being sold to notify their offices immediately.