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Long Branch, N.J. (October 13, 2021) – Cozy season is upon us and as the cool weather returns, Rook Coffee is putting a chill in the air with their selection of delicious fall brews. That’s right, Rook Coffee is bringing back their fan favorite Apple Pie Style Cold Brew as a limited release flavor. Apple Pie Style Cold Brew made a surprise appearance during Rook Coffee’s summer line up, following an overwhelming debut in fall 2020.

This limited release cold brew is completely all-natural, made with fresh, dark roasted cold brew coffee infused with all-natural vanilla and apple flavors and cinnamon. Apple Pie Style Cold Brew contains no artificial ingredients, colorings, syrups or added sugar and is reminiscent of coffee meeting your favorite, fresh baked apple pie.

Apple Pie Style Cold Brew is enjoyed at its best with dairy or a non-dairy alternative and a touch of sweetener, which highlight the delicious apple pie and cinnamon flavors. The cold brew concentrate itself is vegan, if a non-dairy alternative is used.

Rook Coffee’s cold brew concentrate is always brewed cold. Unlike iced coffee, they replace heat with cold-filtered water, time and a whole lot of Rook love. From their brewery, they ship each bottle cold, insulated and on ice for maximum freshness.

This limited release cold brew joins the seasonal release Pumpkin Style Cold Brew, a Rook Coffee classic and tasty fall delight, as well as Hot Pumpkin Style coffee and Hot Mocha Style coffee.

Apple Pie Style Cold Brew launched online by the bottle and 100 oz Brew Box and in all retail locations by the cup and bottle on Wednesday, October 13. This delicious, fall brew will be available for a limited time only.