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Budweiser 2002 – 4 months after the events of Sept. 11th, this commercial starts off as most Budweiser commercials did with the Clydesdale horses being saddled up. It wasn’t until about halfway through the ad where you realize where they were headed. This might be one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Betty White Snickers – It’s Betty White, and it’s my favorite candy bar. That’s enough for ME to make the list.

Matthew Broderick/Ferris Bueller Honda  – One of the best 80’s movies of all time gets a two minute reboot that spotlights all the right parts of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Google 2020 – It’s totally OK to cry while watching the Super Bowl as proven by this beautiful ad.

Bud Light 2012 – A dog truly becomes man’s best friend by fetching beers, regardless of how many people were at the party.