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Barbara Farragher

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Fresh pine tree aroma. That’s what lured my family into a fresh Christmas Tree. The only, and I mean the only benefit of a real tree is the smell of pine in the house.

Here are the cons:

Pine needles. Everywhere.  Pine needles through July. In the grooves of the hardwood floor. Tracked through the house.

The barbaric screws that hold the trunk in the tree stand and the unrelenting process of getting the tree into the stand, making sure it’s in there straight and tight.

If you have dogs. Enough said.

The most unfavorable part of a real tree is when it tips over and some of your most cherished ornaments fall to the ground and break.

We switched to an artificial tree a few years ago and there is a sense of relief when the big red bag gets wheeled into the dining room.  There are only 3 sections and the lights are already on the tree!!

So, light a balsam candle (it smells remarkably like a fresh tree) and hang those sentimental ornaments confidently.

Oh, and you may want to put a baby gate around the tree cuz y’know… dogs!