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If 2020 wasn’t already trying, now there might be a shortage of cookies for the holidays. Per the New York Post, COVID-19, labor shortage, and an increase in demands could possibly lead to a deficiency.

They explain, saying, “Campbell’s Soup Company, which makes cookies under the Pepperidge Farms brand, warned that it is facing a shortage ahead of its busiest season — including of popular varieties like Milano and Chessman.” One reason is that the brand does not use third-party manufacturers for their cookies, so it’s making it harder to keep up with demand.

They also state something many already know: coronavirus has caused Americans to eat more cookies. Cookie consumption in American has increased by 25 percent, and 20 percent of Americans are eating three or more cookies per day.

In a statement, Campbell states, “We’ve prioritized increasing supply and are already leveraging capacity opportunities across the network to meet increases in demand and maximize availability.”

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