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If you are lucky to have disinfecting wipes you probably are tempted to use them on everything.

We know you want to make sure everything you touch is clean and safe, but don’t, it could cause damage that would be beyond repair.

Your leather purse should only be cleaned with soap and water or a leather cleaner, disinfecting wipes could dry your purse out and damage it.

Although your granite countertops come in contact with bacteria, you should only use dish soap and water or a little isopropyl alcohol.

Using wipes on your eyeglasses could eat away at the lens coating, instead use lens cleaner or soap and water. Your car’s touch screens could be damaged by disinfecting wipes, soap, and water is best, just don’t get them too wet.

Never use disinfecting wipes on dishes, food containers, wood furniture, on fabric, upholstery or carpet as they could cause discoloration.