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A few years ago, Saltwater Brewery in Florida began producing an item that may save sea life, if it becomes the norm for  bigger breweries and soda companies. Since then, brewers in Australia, South Africa, Poland, Scotland, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania & Washington have joined the movement.

The rings are 100% bio-degradable and safe for fish, turtles, birds & marine life to consume, unlike the plastic ring-holders that continue to kill them.

“If discarded properly it will make its way to a compost facility. If incorrectly thrown into the wilderness, it will biodegrade”, says Ricardo Mulás, CFO of Eco Six Pack Rings, in an interview with Forbes.

The rings are currently being produced in Corona’s headquarters in Tulum, Mexico, with the chance of expansion to everywhere Corona is sold.

See the 6-pack rings produced by Eco Six Pack Rings by clicking here.