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Julian Lennon is doing a book tour for the third in a series of children’s books. The latest title, Love the Earth, written with Bart Davis and illustrated by Smiljana Coh, was published on April 22 (via Skyhorse Publishing).

The singer-songwriter, musician, philanthropist and photographer did a Q-and-A with Dennis Elsas at a New York City Barnes & Noble on April 22.

The son of John and Cynthia Lennon turned 56 on April 8. In 1984, at just 21, he released his debut album, Valotte, which yielded two hit singles, the title track and “Too Late For Goodbyes.” Both songs were Top 10 singles on the Hot 100. With the still-maturing performer suddenly omnipresent, the public were amazed at how much he resembled his father in looks and voice.

In this discussion on The Fab Fourum, Lennon talks about the two distinct worlds he occupied as a child spending separate time with his two parents, his admiration for the musical talent of his brother Sean and the other sons of Beatles, reuniting with Ringo Starr after decades, and being “blown away” (his words) with Yoko Ono’s actual involvement in the Imagine album.

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