Sean Gallup / Staff

ICYMI: Zucchini Mistaken For A World War II Bomb

A German man from the town of Bretten was recently strolling through the garden when he noticed something strange. Laying in the grass was a bizarre looking, dark object. Immediately the 81-year-old man assumed it was an undetonated bomb from World War II.

After calling local officials, the object was found to be something less frightening. Police officers determined the found item was a zucchini.

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According to police, the thing "really did look like a bomb."


Officers from Karlsruhe, which is the city next to Bretten, thought this hilarious tale needed to be documented online and promptly the posted picture of the bomb-like zucchini on Facebook. On the post, the police officers wrote that indeed the zucchini “was very similar to a bomb [and] was about 40 cm long”.

Once the man learned of the misidentified object, he took care of the zucchini. Hopefully, he got a few laughs out of the event and then transformed it into dinner that night.


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