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Animated Emojis Are Here And They’re Kind Of Freaky

If you are a tech fan or just have an iPhone, we are sure you have heard about the latest operating system for your Apple products.

The company boasts about how there are a series of new features and capabilities that’ll help its users. Yes, it’s great to hear about the new security additions or file software, but let's be honest. That’s not really what we care about! We want to know much about the dumb stuff like emojis.

Apple announced that they have a new animated emoji feature on the iOS 11. The feature is called “Animoji” and will let their users animate a series of emojis. By using your own facial expressions, you can appropriately react to someone’s text message. Unfortunately, this feature is only for those folks who stood in line for the new iPhone X.

Stefan Libiseller on Twitter

Animoji #Karaoke What does the fox say?


For those who have the new phone, you’ll be able to use the feature in the iMessage app. According to Emojipedia, users have the option to animate twelve different emojis. These emojis include alien, cat, chicken, dog, fox, monkey, panda, pig, poop, rabbit, robot and our personal favorite, unicorn.


Craig Smith on Twitter

Playing with Animoji on my new iPhone X, the facial expressions mimic exactly what your face does, it is really quite uncanny (and fun!)


Each emoji has a series of different facial expressions sure to mock what you’re doing in real life. The animation will also match what words you’re saying. So, you and record yourself talking or singing and send your animation to all of your friends.


Harry McCracken ???????? on Twitter

Here's hoping Animoji karaoke becomes a thing.

One Twitter user, Harry McCracken, noted that he’s “hoping Animoji karaoke becomes a thing.” We can definitely see that happening in the future. Step aside Carpool Karaoke and Lip Sync Battle, there’s a new app in town! Ellen DeGenerous, we think you should pick this one up.


For all those people out there who are enjoying the new iPhone, make sure to test out this feature. All of us with the old phone are stuck with our one-dimensional emojis.


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