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Charlie Daniels Pays Tribute To Gregg Allman

Among those paying tribute to Gregg Allman after his death on Saturday (May 28), was Charlie Daniels, a fellow Southern rock icon who crossed paths many times with Allman over the years.

Daniels was unsparing in his praise for his Southern rock compatriot, telling us that:

Charlie Daniels Pays Tribute To Gregg Allman

"Gregg Allman was the best white blues singers I've ever heard, hands down... People try to sing it but they don't really get it like the real, sure-enough what it's supposed to be. Gregg was one of the people that did...  I think he was the best singer of any of the quote-unquote Southern bands. He just had it...I could pick him out of any 10 singers, maybe any 100 singers you could throw at me, I could pick him out."

Daniels added that Allman was a crucial component of what made the Allman Brothers Band so special:

Charlie Daniels Pays Tribute To Gregg Allman

"That band was such an incredible unit of musicians together...It just hit you right in the heart, and there, of course, was Gregg floating on top of the whole thing with that incredible voice he had, with that magnificent blues voice that he had, just bringing it all together...You can't talk about the Allman Brothers Band without thinking about Gregg Allman's voice and his simple style of playing his keyboards, playing organ, never tried to be Jimmy Smith, just played what he played and played so well and it fit so well with what he did."

Allman died Saturday (May 27) at the age of 69 at home in Georgia from complications from liver cancer.


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