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Mike Nesmith Talks New Book, Recording With The Monkees

Most people know Mike Nesmith best from his time with The Monkees, but his new book explores the many fascinating facets of his life and then some.

Available now, Infinite Tuesday:  An Autobiographical Riff delves into his childhood (his mother invented Liquid Paper) and his many business successes, including his involvement of creating MTV.  Considering all his success, you’d think Nesmith has always been sure of himself and his decisions, but you’d be incredibly mistaken.

In a recent conversation with WDHA’s Jim Monaghan, Nesmith talked about why it was so important to include that struggle in the book:

“That’s one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and put a lot of that in the book, because I think a lot of people struggle with self-doubt and whether they’re doing anything good and whether their life has meaning…We all struggle with it.  So many people came up to me and said, ‘Oh, you led a charmed life, and you had this great thing going on, and you’ve been so successful.’  And I think to myself, ‘Boy, if you only knew…’ Although, I’m not complaining.  Like I say in the book, you learn pretty quick: Do not complain about the air conditioning in a private jet…Be grateful, and be really happy for the good things that have happened.”


While Infinite Tuesday isn’t a book about The Monkees, per se, it’s not completely devoid of it.  Nesmith touches on the recording of the 1969 track “Listen To The Band,” and why it was so special:

“That was quite a moment…When you see that happen in a studio, and everybody just stands or stares or listens and can’t stop listening and staring, you really recognize, ‘I’m in a presence here.  I’ll be quite, and I’ll stay still and absorb what I can from this, because this is a moment.’  Being with [Jimi] Hendrix and watching him play live, because he opened for The Monkees for a short tour, that was an amazing experience.  Watching these things that have taken place over time and watching the music video come to life, all of those things just had an enormous effect.”


Infinite Tuesday is available for purchase at Amazon and other book retailers.

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