Photo by Scott Harrison/Getty Images

ICYMI: Izzy Stradlin Featured on new Mellencamp Album

Guns N' Roses fans have been asking "Where's Izzy?" -- aka original guitarist Izzy Stradlin -- since the group's reunion tour began last April Now we have an answer: On John Mellencamp's new album.

Turns out Stradlin plays on the song "Grandview" from his fellow Indiana rocker's new album Sad Clowns & Hillbillies, which came out Friday (April 27).

Stradlin isn't the only guest on the track, either; Country star Martina McBride duets with Mellencamp on the song.

It's not Stradlin's first appearance with Mellencamp; He also played on "Miss Missy" from the John Mellencamp album in 1998.

Stradlin has been quiet during this decade after releasing his 11th solo album, Wave Of Heat, in 2010. He was initially rumored to be a "special guest" for the GNR tour but so far that has not transpired.


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