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What Staple McDonald's Drink Is Going Away?

McDonald's fans, brace yourselves... 

If you opted for the HI-C Orange Drink with your Egg McMuffin, looks like you'll have to be swapping it out for Orange Juice. THE HORROR!

Rhonda on Twitter

Looks like hubby's daily breakfast habit is over after 20 yrs. No more Hi C orange, no more @McDonalds. #savethehic

According to Eat This, Not That, the brand will be kicking the beverage off of it's menu on May 1st. Reddit Users in the McLounge section were discussing the fact that some places still have tons of stock of it, and will be expected to sell the rest of it until their stock is depleted.

Fans of the drink are heading to social media, stressing that the drink is their bevvy of choice:

Mikey Wagz on Twitter

McDonald's getting rid of the Orange Hi-C is the worst news I've gotten since i found out Caesar dressing is made from anchovies

While many noted that the ice cream machines are always broken, but  yet they get rid of something fans actually like:

mike, aka on Twitter

Customers: Your ice cream machines never work, fix them? McDonald's: You spoke, we listened. Hi-C orange will soon be phased out. Thank you

Everyone else just seems to be pretty irate:


?CarameL? on Twitter


C.B Foreman on Twitter

No more Hi-C Orange. I'm hurt, that's my pregnancy craving. Lol how will I get through summer?

bits & pretties on Twitter

Woke up to...No more Orange Hi-C!? That's all I ever drink thereee! Noooooooo!!! Please don't pull the [email protected] #nightmare

Legends on Twitter

McDonald's: "We ain't got Hi-C Orange no more"

Ashley Schaub on Twitter

Next time I go to McDonald's I'm going to order a Hi-C Orange until they ask me to leave.


Kooper Vandross on Twitter

Hi-c Orange off McDonald's menu


As for me, I'll be wondering how they'll work this into the next Season Premiere of Rick and Morty.

Brizard_wizard on Twitter

@McDonalds #schezwansauce #mcnuggalubbadubdub #TINYRICK #PICKLERICK #RICKANDMORTY @ViragSteve @bukakkechewbac @117james117 @Jwolbert


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