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Take A Train Across The US For Only $213

Looking for an inexpensive way to spend your summer vacation?

Why not take a train across the U.S.A. for only $213. That is right, folks you can travel coast-to-coast for less than a one-way ticket to California.

During the days of the Wild West, the American railroad system was booming. According to Derek Low, trains were a “luxurious mode of transportation” and would help to serve “as the backbone of the Industrial Revolution.”

Once automobiles and airplanes became more popular, the use of trains decreased. Granted, most people still depend on trains to get around, but they are not the favored mode of transportation.

During this 3,400-mile trip, travelers will travel from New York to San Francisco. Reportedly, the train’s route is scenic and will take you through the Sierra Nevadas and through the Rockies.

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Without any stopovers, the total ride would take approximately four days. However, if you do decide to take the route with stopovers, plane to have multiple train tickets. Even though most of your trip would involve being stuck on a train, it might be worth it to see all of the sights.

Derek Low decided to go with the longer route. For a 15-day trip, you would spend around $29 on a ticket. During his journey, he traveled on a 8-ride pass which allowed for him to stop and explore the cities in the route. In total, Derek’s train ticket took him through 11 states and four different time zones.


#ns #train 172 at Walters 2014 with D8-40C leading

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Some trains are outfitted with a Sightseer Lounge car. As Derek describes, the car is “fitted with enormous windows that wrapped upward into the ceiling.” Perfect for looking at the beautiful nature that is surrounding the train.

This trip would be perfect for someone who does not have a time limit to their vacation. You will definitely be able to explore more and see sights you would have never thought to gaze upon will on an airplane.


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