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Nancy Wilson on Heart’s Current Hiatus

After a busy past few years, Heart is in the midst of an odd kind of hiatus while the Wilson sisters work on other projects.

The break was precipitated by the arrest last August of Ann Wilson's husband Dean Wetter in suburban Seattle on charges of allegedly assaulting young sister Nancy Wilson's 16-year-old twin sons backstage at a Heart show.

The matter is still in court, and Nancy tells us she thinks that's one of the reasons she and Ann are going their separate ways this year:

"When something like that happens inside a really tight family it's really scarring for everyone involved, and so there's a lot of victims besides my own kids in the scenario, and it's just still sorting itself out legally now. I think part of the reason Ann wanted to take another direction until that's stuff more resolved, I think. I hope it can resolve, and I think it will resolve...I'm just wishing and hoping for the best. I've got prayers aloft."


Ann Wilson is playing solo dates throughout the year, while Nancy is launching her new band, Roadcase Royale, with three of Heart's current members and former Prince protégés Liv Warfield on vocals and Ryan Waters on guitar; The group will be releasing music throughout the year and touring.

As for Heart's future, the Wilsons differ a bit; Nancy tells us that,

"I was trying to get this summer to be the summer of Heart where we do the festivals and the Europe run, but she (Ann) was on a different path. For right now I'm hoping for Heart to come back, and I've got my fingers crossed for that."


Ann, meanwhile, tells us Heart will be back when the time is right:

"We're not gonna give ourselves a deadline when we have to get back to Heart. It's just we both need to go out there and venture. That's all I can say about it, really."


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