Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Now You Can Own Part of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

Before Pink Floyd recorded The Wall, Roger Waters reached out to artist Gerald Scarfe to help create a number of visuals to complement the album.  A number of those pieces are now up for sale.

Eleven paintings in total will be sold by the San Francisco Art Exchange, among them are The Scream (as seen below), Education For What? No Jobs!  and the original storyboard for the film The Wall. 

Richard Kaczynski on Twitter

Eleven original paintings by Gerald Scarfe for @pinkfloyd's film "The Wall" are being offered by @SFAE.

All paintings up for grabs are available for viewing at  Asking prices are not listed, which means that prices are massive, but hey, if you managed to receive an obscenely large tax refund this year, it’s worth a look.  (Side note:  We're all incredibly jealous of you and your refund.)


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