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5 Tips To Take From A Millennial To Better Understand And Organize Your Life

Millennials are constantly being blamed for things in the media, and I guess on some level, they can be misunderstood. The millennials are viewed as a super techy, entitled and impatient set of people. However, the bracket of ages 18-34 in 2015 maintain that they are also a innovative group.

Being a generation that is known for immersing themselves in social media, they sometimes get lost in what everyone displays their life to be. Millennials struggle to have it all; a career, a perfect body, love and friends. But like any age, if you spend your time comparing yourself to what you see around you (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), you can start to feel overwhelmed.

Whether you're a millennial or just someone that is over-concerned about keeping their lives on track, check out 5 tips to help balance your life:


Organize - The first step to anything in life is to write it down. If you feel like you don’t have enough time for work, friends and your love interest, maybe you’re not utilizing your time in the best way. Get a planner, pick a few dates, block off some time to spend with everyone and stick to it! This also applies to the older generation, make sure to make time for you - especially if your home life is hectic.

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shout out to the "entitled millennials" working 2 jobs, going to school while trying to maintain a social life & not have a mental breakdown


Exercise - With the rise of Instagram models and the already body-shaming fashion industry, as well as the popularity of waist trainers and the fascinating benefits of Photoshop, realistic body images have become skewed. Try not to consume yourself with the hype of flat tummy tea, and just try working out as a means to relieve stress. Attempting to have a perfect life will stress you out more so than help, so get a regular daily routine that incorporates working out and start releasing some endorphins. And remember, not everyone is going to look like this girl below - be you instead!


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Schedule time for your passion – Millennials tend to have big dreams and that can become frustrating when life isn’t happening as fast as you would like. (We're sure the baby-boomers are like "yeah, we've been there" at that remark).  If you find yourself working a 9-5 that you're not pleased with, set aside an hour a day to work towards the things that are closest to your heart. You don't have to be miserable at the job you work at, but if you are, make sure to release that stress after work with things you love doing.

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Millennials aren't lazy they're just passionate and not crazy enough to believe you have to be unhappy to make a living

Get a buddy – Everything is better when you find an accountability partner. Find a friend or co-worker that may be having the same struggles you are experiencing and help keep each other positive. You’ll find that on the days when you are not in a good mood your buddy will be there to vent to and to encourage you, and vice versa.

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Do you have a sponsor or accountability partner? Prov 27:17 NIV "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


Enjoy life – Most importantly, don’t forget that you only get one chance at this thing called life. Don’t get so caught up in achieving goals that you don’t celebrate the smaller milestones. Try and remember that although everyday isn’t good, everyday isn’t bad either!

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