TechBuzz: Instagram Is Changing Something Major

Why they did this to Facebook before, and now Instagram is beyond us. 

Instagram has shared, according to E!, that it will use a new algorithm similar to Facebook to not give you the "live-as-it-comes-feed," but rather the "this-is-what-we-think-you-like" feed.

So basically, if you like someone's stuff a lot, you're going to see them more, if you don't? Not so much.

E!'s article says that Instagram feels people miss about "70 percent" of their feed, which is why the algorithm is changing.

Still, some of us weren't a big fan of the change on Facebook, let alone now Instagram following the lead.

Let's hope that they will at least give you two feed choices in the change, so you can see what's happening live, and then your "algorithm" feed.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)



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