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7 Oscar Speeches We'll Never Forget

With every Oscar comes a speech, and with every speech becomes a memorable moment. Here are some of our favorites. 

Angelina Jolie, Girl Interrupted

Angelina at her humblest moment shared all the things she loved, including her Brother and thanking her Father, who she said was a great actor, but an even better father.

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyer's Club

Perhaps one of the most influential speeches we've ever seen, Matthew shares that he wanted to be his own hero when he grew up, and though he never feels like he's gotten there yet, it always keeps him going.

Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady

Addressing the fact that people get weird about her always winning, she first laughs at them and gives a "so what" type of answer, but then says to the room that she's thankful for all the friends, new and old, that she had made during her career and how honored she was to know everyone there - and thanked them for being with her during her career.


Tom Hanks, Forest Gump

Tom Hanks breaking down into tears is not something you see everyday, but watching him give his testimonial to his wife, Rita Wilson, and sharing how nervous he was happened to be extremely touching.


Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting

We've always known Robin Williams as the funniest man in the room, and even with sharing his touching speech, he manages to blurt out the fact that he felt speechless. The man was a class act, and on top of his riveting thank you speech, you see one of his best friends, Billy Crystal, the host, waiting for his speech to be complete so they could share a hug. We miss you Robin.


Cuba Gooding Jr., Jerry Maguire

Possibly one of the most memorable Oscar speeches of all time, and maybe what got Cuba the job playing O.J. Simpson recently, Cuba shouts over the music to say his thanks, and ends up getting a standing ovation for it, making it one of the most hyped up acceptances of all time.


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were two kids when they received their Oscars for the Best Original Screenplay, and even calling out Cuba Gooding Jr. for teaching them how to make an Oscars speech, the boys were completely elated to be a success at what happens to be one of the best movies of all time. Luckily, their careers continued and that wasn't their peak moment.