TechBuzz: The Future Has Arrived With Workout Gear

Talk about making our gadgets even more technologically advanced, both Under Armour and FitBit have changed the game with some new fitness toys. 

First, we'll touch on FitBit's new watch - called Blaze. It's similar to their generation called Surge, which was bigger and bulkier, according to Verge. Blaze is an interface that can snap into multiple bands, as well, so you don't always have to wear the same band with it. It has similarities to a smart watch like from Apple, but does not contain all the extra apps.

Verge notes that "The Blaze also auto-tracks various aerobic activities like running, walking, tennis, basketball, soccer, and elliptical machine workouts, which means you never have to officially "start" an activity on the watch and it will record it anyway," which has seemed to be a problem with FitBit users in the past, forgetting to record a workout, starting, or stopping one on their interface.

As for now, the watch costs about $200, and bands to add to the watch will be released in the coming months. You can find out more, or pre-order your device here.


Under Armour goes one step above this, and creates what they call "The HealthBox" - which includes a wrist tracker, a scale, and a chest strap for heart rate, so it can record multiple forms of data for your workouts. This 3-piece kit will cost about $400, and you can find out more here.


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”